Rain rain GO AWAY!! But hello SNOW!

So our new life and adventures in America has started! Daddy has started his new job and the remainder three of us have been busy busy busy!

First day home without daddy….RAIN?!?! No car?!?! Noooooo……mummy has to be creative? *faint*

Brain working overdrive, lack of sleep….where’s my coffee?? AH-HA! I remember seeing a recipe for homemade SNOW! Even better, this can then later turn into erupting snow once the kids have had enough playing with the snow. Thanks www.pagingfunmums.com for the brilliant idea and recipe!!

Pretty like real snow!! Just doesn’t melt 😉


Too much fun!


And then after more than an HOUR of fun, ERUPTING snow!!

IMG_4798 IMG_4799


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