New Year’s Eve – Meat Tray Mosaic Fireworks & Homemade Edible Glue!

New Year’s Eve!!! With all the craziness involved in moving house with two little toddlers, it’s hard to find some quiet time to do fun projects! We’ve been shopping for furniture, setting up our gas/ electricity, internet, phones, TVs, you name it. The poor kids have been dragged to Target, Home Depot, and grocery stores nearly on every day we have a car! To top things off, NeNe has been sick with an ear infection! Um…cue frantic mummy who’s new to the area ANNNNND insurance doesn’t kick in till the 1st of Jan. BAH!

So this morning was no different in the crazy/ frantic sense! As Daddy and and I are still sharing one car at the moment, today was a little funny. We dropped Daddy off work and then we went to buy our NYE feast and pick up NeNe’s antibiotics from Target. Oops out of stock. Back tomorrow! Lucky they are open tomorrow at Target. Then after stuffing lunch down our gobs, we rushed back to Daddy’s work so he can drop us back home and take the car back with him. You following? Haha but on the positive note, he should be off work early. Hurrah!

I feel bad for the little gnomes. They’ve only been to the local park twice and has been stuck with the TV nanny once too many times while I got things sorted. So after they wake up from their nap, I’m going to set up a fun art project for them!

Meanwhile I’ve got some lively Dungeness crabs swimming in the sink awaiting their fate…

crab feast

Our little gnomes are still too young to stay up late for the NYE countdown and fireworks. Instead, we can make a fireworks mosaic out of…yes…meat trays. A while back, I got the idea of using meat trays as mosaic tiles from Happy Hooligans

Unfortunately we don’t have any acrylic pain that can adhere to styrofoam. We only had water based paint.  So we had to think outside of the box!

First we got the paint ready (we don’t have a big range yet)! We are new immigrants after all…



Then I cut up the little tiles for them. If you have scissors suitable for your child’s age group, it’s a great way to practice their scissors skills.


J using paint brushes, fingers, HANDS and sprinkles to make a colorful backdrop for his fireworks!

IMG_0184 IMG_0185

IMG_0187 IMG_0188

So if you’re silly like me and forgot that you don’t have glue in the house, but have some leftover rice sitting around…homemade glue!

Grandma Gnome taught me this when I was a little girl making my own pinata and ran out of glue!

Take some cooked rice, add a little bit of water at a time till you get the goopy consistency you want. Unfortunately I only  had basmati rice and they can be very hard and dry. So be patient, and just add a little at a time (maybe 1 tbsp at a time) and heat about 1 minute in the microwave each time. Mash the rice and water together and voila!

IMG_0190 IMG_0191

Here for J, we used rice glue and Elmers. Tada! Having fun with paint and  tiles creating our very own fireworks!

IMG_0221 IMG_0222


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