Homemade Puffy Paint – using microwave


I’ve seen a post by one of my favourite sites Happy Hooligans where they made puffy paint out of flour!

The ingredients are simple and toddler friendly. Here is their recipe:

  • 1 Tbsp Self Rising Flour
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • Food coloring
  • A little bit of water (start with 1/4 tsp)

IMG_0481 IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0500

Mix everything together till it is like stirred yogurt consistency. Not thick and not too watery. I personally found for that amount of flour and salt, 3 teaspoons and about 1-2 more 1/4 tsp till you get the right texture. Keep in mind you may need to add a couple of drops of water as you go because the mixture tends to dry and become more solid making it more difficult to paint.

The Hooligans used cotton swabs. Great idea! Our little Gnomes used paintbrushes. In retrospect, cotton swabs might be better as it keeps the paint thicker and easier to puff up when you microwave it. The paintbrushes encouraged our kids to spread the paint out more.

IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487

Even I got into it!

IMG_0488 IMG_0493

When you’re ready to puff up your painting, simply put your painting in the microwave for 30 seconds! I recommend placing a piece of paper towel underneath your painting. It helps absorb some of the excess water from your paint. Keeps your microwave clean too.


IMG_0499 IMG_0497 IMG_0496 IMG_0494 IMG_0498

We love the way it feels!!



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