Morning at Super Franks on a Stormy Day!


We’re in the middle of a terrible drought. Having a stormy and rainy day isn’t such a terrible thing! Oops, except J hates thunder 😦 No napping today!!


I’ve been wanting to take the kids to Super Franks since we’ve moved here end of last year. It is our local entertainment center for kids here in Pleasanton. AKA “soft play” in Australian lingo. Being that there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast….and that we temporarily have a second car, we finally made a trip there today!


Here’s my review of Super Franks:

At a glance:

  • Clean
  • Affordable ($8 per child and 2 free accompany adult, additional adult $2 each)
  • Targets family with children 7 and under
  • Scheduled activities and entertainment each day
  • Starbucks on site
  • 6 themed rooms
  • Play equipment look fresh and clean
  • Lots of seating area throughout the establishment for parents and tired kids
  • Plenty of dining areas upstairs and downstairs. Here is their menu

We started off in the Farm. We were in there for almost an hour!! The kids loved it! It had a small infant/toddler climb structure with a slide and a larger (outdoors) structure for older and more adventurous kids. It’s one of the smaller rooms and it quickly got crowded. It was actually the kids who wanted to leave in the end to check out the rest of the establishment.

Here is the larger cubby with double slides. J had no troubles climbing but N needed some assistance.

IMG_2698 IMG_2703 IMG_2704

Josh wasn’t too interested in the Mini Gym and it does look like it would appeal more to older kids with a basketball court and zip line.

As you venture further, you’ll find two more rooms: The Arcade Room and Safari Room

The Arcade has roughly 30-40 rides, video, and redemption games. Our 2 and near 4 year olds loved the rides and games especially since they were catered just for their size and age. All games and rides range between 1-3 tokens. Each token is $.25. We were trying to start this one game and it didn’t seem to work. When I went to push the “eject coin” button, it spat out 4 tokens! Bonus. I guess other kids had trouble with the machine.

IMG_2705 IMG_2706 IMG_2732 IMG_2733

We went into the Safari Room towards the end since they had “music circle” scheduled at 11am. I’ll come back to this room further into the review.

We went upstairs (yes this place is so huge that there is an upstairs too) and found The Fish Tank and Taught Town Village.

The Fish Tank is a dimmed room filled with black light and an (glowing) “Under the Sea” theme. The room has a foam pit with soft ramps for easy access, yellow submarine to play pretend with, a large jumpy, and other toys to play with. Just watch out for little ones in the dark!

The foam pit. The kids loved diving into it and N loved putting the foam blocks back into the pit. She a tidy little thing!


We all live in the yellow submarine…the yellow submarine…


Then I convinced the kids to check out what else the place had to offer and we went to Taught Town Village on the other side of the Fish Tank.

This room was fantastic! It had rides, a slide, and play houses that make up a miniature town! You can even play dress up as a fireman. A great room for kids with great imagination and have a love for pretend play.

IMG_2711 IMG_2712 IMG_2713 IMG_2714 IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2717 IMG_2718

After spending a little bit of time here, we decided to go check out the Music Circle time at the Safari Adventure room.

Unfortunately, we missed most of the Music Circle time because we were having too much fun upstairs. Luckily we caught the end and Ne got to enjoy a quick song/dance and bubble time!


IMG_2722 IMG_2723

J also braved the huge double slide! We saw one outside of our local theater the other day and unfortunately the little gnomes were too nervous to do it on their own. This time, I was able to accompany J once and he did it again all by himself. Proud mama! I think he was pretty pleased with himself too 😉 Just look at this tough guy here…


There were tons of other fun toys to keep these guys busy too.


This picture doesn’t do it justice but I just love the decor here. The kids loved it too….often pointing out the animals on the walls. The elephant was a huge hit with N of course!

IMG_2730 IMG_2731

In a nutshell, today was a big success. The kids had a fantastic time and got to rid some of those beans. There were times where I thought I had lost N especially in the arcade area. That was a little scary. She’s a bit fearless and the room is quite open and it’s not enclosed by gates like the other rooms. She could have ventured into the restrooms or out the front. I can see this can be worse on a busy day or a busier time of day. I was amazed to see just how much people were there on a Thursday morning!

I receive regular special offers and programs via email after I had signed up on their website. I think they often have coupons for free Starbucks drink and tokens. So definitely worth checking out!

We didn’t buy their food but they have a pretty good range! Check out their menu in above link.

After we got into the car and onto the road, J already asked if we can come back tomorrow. So that’s his review for you there!