Easter Egg – Eggshell Mosaic

1. Easter Eggs – eggshell Mosaic 

I really want the kids to try egg decorating this year but I’m not quite sure if they have the patience or dexterity to do it just yet. I still might try!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been breaking a lot of eggs lately (for breakfast). On top of that, the kids saw an episode of Mister Maker where he made a pretty mosaic out of dyed eggshells. The only thing I noticed is that he didn’t use vinegar! Vinegar helps the color stick to the shells more permanently (and vibrantly as I had noticed). Also he used brown eggshells where I used white. I just figured it’d look more vibrant with my pastel food color gels.


Here are my CLEANED eggshells. Try and get rid of all the papery membrane inside the shells.


I crushed the shells (by hand or with a metal spoon) and added them to separate bowls of food coloring + water + vinegar. I eyeballed it but you can probably do about 3 drops of gel with 1/4 cup of water and 1 tbsp of vinegar. I put in more drops of the pink one to achieve the color I wanted so it’s adjustable! I soaked them overnight to get a deep pastel color. It’s up to you what color you want to achieve!



After I was happy with the coloring, I drained the liquid out and dried the shells in trays lined with paper towels. I sat mine at a sunny windowsill. Make sure you don’t forget them and they might fade a bit under the sun! Check on the regularly and make sure they are dried completely.


After they are dried, I broke the pieces up some more so it’s like confetti. It’s easier for toddlers to sprinkle than to glue the shells piece by piece. It’s totally up to you! The benefit of smaller pieces is that there are less gaps. Older kids would be better at gluing larger mosaic shell tiles and filling the gaps.

I helped my kids to paint the glue onto the egg I drew for them (with a very easy pattern or design). J wanted to paint himself so I let him but it was going everywhere so I ended up wiping the bits that went outside the lines and finished painting it for him.

I said “paint” the glue because I colored the glue with a little bit of tempera paint. Just to add a bit of coloring to the background 🙂 You don’t have to of course. Your glue will just dry clear which will still look great!


After your child is done with one section / color, pick up the artwork and give it a little shake to rid of any loose shells. You or your child can patch up the gaps. Then start with another color / section.

IMG_1645 IMG_1658 IMG_1646 IMG_1659


Even mummy got into it!

I used a decorative egg I had bought from the shops and did the same thing.


Mine had a bit of gap in it since I used bigger shell tiles. I thought it looked pretty neat that way. I might try one with smaller pieces later on.



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Five Colorful Days – arts and craft


Day 1: Robot and Clover Sun-catchers

A fellow Instagramer had trouble making a plastic robot out of plastic beads and metal cookie cutter. It inspired me to make more sun-catchers out of Elmer’s glue! Here are the instructions from previous post.

IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1225 IMG_1224 IMG_1226

Day 2: Lowe’s Build and Grow Monster Truck and Pull Back Race Car

I found these little gems at Lowes. They were only about $6 each and was quite easy to put together by my husband (with J’s help hammering)! The kids had a blast painting it and they are such sturdy toys.

IMG_1185 IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1245 IMG_1246 IMG_1286IMG_1287

Day 3: Rainbow Pot of Gold – paint sample tiles

With St Patrick’s Day around the corner, here’s an easy project to do with the kids. If you child need some guidance with the rainbow colors, I’d start them off by putting a few color tiles on the paper for them. I even showed the kids pictures of rainbows on my laptop as a visual example. You can even draw lines across the page so the kids know where to glue their tiles in. Label each line with the colors of the rainbow if you are teaching them to read.

IMG_1352 IMG_1353

Day 4: 3-D Hands Keepsakes

I saw this neat YouTube video showing you how to make 3-D hands! I’m sure you can do similar with other tracing like: feet, shapes, etc

IMG_1354 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1359

Day 5: Rainbow-Colored Finger PRINTING / Painting and ABC Stenciling 

The kids are loving their magnifying glass and I thought it’d be neat to have a look at their fingerprints with them. Then I had J tried fingerprinting! I let N go freestyle finger-painting 😉

Then we tried out the new stencils daddy bought for us to learn our ABCs.

IMG_1376 IMG_1364 IMG_1377 IMG_1369 IMG_1366 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1372 IMG_1380 IMG_1381

What will you do with your week??

St Patrick’s Day Arts and Craft


We’ve been BUSY! Lots of art projects, messy plays, exploring, and outdoors fun on sunny days.

I finally have some quiet time (fingers crossed the neighbors moving house doesn’t wake the kids!) to do some blogging.

St Paddy’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century. The Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol was lifted for such occasion. Thus, creating an ever so popular holiday’s tradition of drinking or BATHING in alcohol!

We visited Target the other day to get some GREEN gear. It’s our first year celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Dublin….California! Apparently it’s quite big here for obvious (name-sake) reasons! The weekend before St Paddy’s Day is going to be huge. Performances, parade, Fun Run, markets, green pancakes and beer served…just to name a few. For more information, go to Dublin’s official website!


To get the kids into the spirit, I’ve been showing them pictures of rainbows with pot of gold, little green leprochauns, clovers, shamrocks, and all things green! I’ve also shown them clips of, bagpipe music, Celtic music, and Irish dance. Ahhh really put me in the mood of having me pint of green ale! If only Mummy and Daddy can be two sheets to the wind by the end of all the celebrations!

Puffy Paint (Abstract??) Shamrocks

I made some green and gold puffy paint to do some puffy paint stamping and painting. Recipe can be found in my previous blog: Homemade Puffy Paint

I gave them Q-tips, eye droppers, and an empty bottle as their painting tools. Lots of fun! I used cleaned yogurt containers to mix/hold our paint.


Using a bottle top to stamp shamrocks:


Using eye droppers to make pretty splatters:


Q-tips are inexpensive and easy for little hands to use:

IMG_1206 IMG_1207IMG_1208

Look at J’s 3 Q-tip techniques! Love how inventive he is!


After they are done, pop them in the microwave (place a piece of paper towel underneath to absorb excess liquid) for 30 seconds and voila!


Mosaic Shamrocks

The kids love gluing. Any chance to get messy right? I drew up some not-so-pretty shamrocks out of green permanent markers and cut up some green tiles from paint sample cards. Then here’s the cool bit, I put a couple drops of food coloring and water in our Elmer’s glue to color it and to thin it out a bit. The kids LOVED “painting” the shamrocks with the green glue.

IMG_1211 IMG_1212

Then they placed pieces of green tiles onto their shamrocks:

IMG_1213 IMG_1214 IMG_1215

Aren’t they pretty??

IMG_1216 IMG_1219

IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_1227