Pretend Play – Shaving and Putting on Makeup!


I’ve been working on this project for about a month now. The kids often show interest in daddy shaving and mummy putting on makeup / nail polish. I started to look into how to make play-makeup. I can make real makeup out of everyday items like baby powder, saffron, cinnamon, etc. However, since N is still quite young, I wanted to make makeup that’ll a) be mess-free b) last c) seems real d) safe.

I saw many sites using nail polish to create fake shadows, powders, and blush. I didn’t really like the idea of using polish in case somehow she ingests some. However, since I couldn’t find a better alternative for the time being, I decided to just keep an close eye on her when she plays.

If you have some used up makeup, clean out the containers and this can be a fun project! I actually bought cheap makeup with containers that suited my criteria. I don’t have that much makeup and none of them were running empty!

After cleaning it out, I pour cheap nail polish into the little sections. You can buy them quite cheap at the shops so you have the colors you want or you can use ones you have already that you’re willing to use up!

Isn’t this pretty? I actually mixed the lightest and the darkest colors to make the middle one. So no need to buy too many new polish!


Make sure you leave it in a well-ventilated spot to dry / solidify as it will stink up your house! DO NOT leave the lid closed, as it will MELT the lid! Yes, I learned it the hard way…but fear not, I covered the lid with pretty stickers to customize it for my daughter. Leave it overnight to make sure it is thoroughly dried. You may have to top it up with more polish as it will shrink. Then I did the same with the blush.

With her lipstick, I had a few ideas and due to limited supplies, I opted with option #34. Haha. If you have the tools, one of my ideas was to use a wooden dowel and shape it into a lippy. Color it the color you want with child-safe paint. Make sure it’s the right size for your lipstick container. Then glue it into the container.

As for me, I merely bought a child-friendly lip balm, cut it off and pushed it into my empty container 🙂


This was her absolute favorite out of the lot!

Here is the whole set completed:


I put it in a pretty little bag for her to keep them in.



Shaving Like Daddy!

With J, I really want to make him a traditional shaving kit. I could have made something if I had a proper workshop haha. Buuuut I don’t and somehow I got lucky and found EXACTLY what I was looking to make at Target. It was a traditional shaving kit (without the brush) for less than $20. I gave daddy the blades and kept the shaver (with no blade installed) and shaver stand for J. Then I bought a kabuki brush for $5.

Now, I need shaving cream and a cup! Easy. Whipped cream and toy cup. Done.

IMG_1278 IMG_1280 IMG_1260

Too much fun!!!